Who Can Use Wi-Fi?

Everyone can use Wi-Fi, almost everywhere in the world. Home Wi-Fi networks can connect multiple computers to each other, to peripherals, and to the Internet. A Wi-Fi network can connect a family's computers together to share such hardware and software resources as printers and the Internet. That means everyone in the family can share stored files, photos and documents and print them out on a single printer attached to one desktop computer—all without unsightly cables running throughout the home.

In a home or home office, using Wi-Fi CERTIFIED equipment in your wireless network gives you the ability to share a single high-speed broadband cable or DSL connection. A Wi-Fi network can easily be expanded to ten users or more.

It also gives you assurance that the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED equipment you purchase today will work with the equipment you add to your network in the future.

Wi-Fi networks also work well for small businesses, providing connectivity between mobile salespeople, floor staff and behind-the-scenes finance and accounting departments. Because small businesses are dynamic, the built-in flexibility of a Wi-Fi network makes it easy and affordable for them to change and grow.