What is Wi-Fi?

WiFi, or 'Wireless Fidelity' allows you to connect to the Internet without wires, whether you are at work, at the airport or waiting at a train station. WiFi is a wireless technology that works rather like a mobile phone. WiFi enabled computers send and receive data indoors and out; anywhere within the range of a base station or 'hotspot'. In addition to the obvious convenience of WiFi, another advantage is the speed of the technology, which is several times faster than the fastest cable modem connection and enables large amounts of data to be sent and received quickly.

Today, WiFi enabled devices are enabling users to connect to their office networks, browse the web, download music or stream live news feeds from convenient locations, such as hotels, conference centres, airports and bars all around the world. We see virtually limitless applications for WiFi technology. Users are already making voice over WiFi calls through their laptops and sending photos from WiFi enabled cameras. Even WiFi phones and games machines will become readily available in the not too distant future.

As well as the productivity benefits WiFi affords you and your mobile workforce while out and about, it can also enable you to add new staff members to your office network very easily without the need to install complicated cabling, hubs and routers. Other valuable applications of WiFi can ensure your customers, suppliers and contractors remain productive while on your premises, without endangering the security of your corporate network.