Benefits for the Community


  • Work from home, the park, or the beach as using VPN, video conference, and VoIP applications.
  • Use VPN (virtual private network) to securely access business network applications the same way you do from the office.
  • Use video conference applications to conduct effective meetings with an unlimited number of people around the world.  See the people your talking to and allow the see your presentation step-by-step.


  • Get access to thousands of live and interactive university, business, and self improvement education programs.
  • Access your child's school network to view  their progress report, upcoming assignment, online library, and online training programs.
  • Research medical issues.
  • Access online video news programs.


  • Use VoIP applications to make low cost phone calls anywhere in the world.
  • Send a live video feed of your child's soccer game to the grandparents who live in another city or country.


  • Take a virtual tour of real estate property in another state.
  • Browse through online malls.


  • Download your favorite music, video, or movie.
  • Play a virtual video game with your friend who lives across the country.