Cellular Wi-Fi Network

What Is a Cellular WiFi Network?

Think about how you access the Internet today. There are basically three different options:

  • Broadband access - In your home, you have either a DSL or cable modem. At the office, your company may be using a T1 or a T3 line.
  • WiFi access - In your home, you may have set up a WiFi router that lets you surf the Web while you lounge with your laptop. On the road, you can find WiFi hot spots in restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and libraries.
  • Dial-up access - If you are still using dial-up, chances are that either broadband access is not available, or you think that broadband access is too expensive.

The main problems with broadband access are that it is pretty expensive and it doesn't reach all areas. The main problem with WiFi access is that hot spots are very small, so coverage is sparse.

What if there were a new technology that solved all of these problems?

This new technology would provide:

  • The high speed of broadband service
  • Wireless rather than wired access, so it would be a lot less expensive than cable or DSL and much easier to extend to suburban and rural areas
  • Broad coverage like the cell phone network instead of small WiFi hotspots

This technology is actually being implemented right now its called a metro WiFi network. The City's goal is to provide affordable wireless broadband access to every citizen and business throughout the city region as well as improve public safety and city services.

The City is using a combination of WiFi radio technology including a Mesh network and Wimax. The network can currently be accessed for free within a 20 square mile region. The City implementation of WiFi network coverage over the entire city region should be completed in 2006.

The metro area WiFi network has the potential to do to broadband Internet access what cell phones have done to phone access. The fact is that the WiFi network has the potential provide all residents with a more powerful and affordable alternative to cable/DSL access, empower local business with tools to more effectively manage and sell their products and services across the region ad the world. The City also plans to use the network to improve public safety capabilities,a well a service delivery and operational effectiveness.